The WP4 Coordinator

Pr Carmen Lefaucheur is nephrologist at the Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation Department, Saint-Louis Hospital APHP and Professor of Nephrology at Paris Diderot University (France); Co-Head of the Paris Translational Research Center for Organ Transplantation ("PTG") of which she is founding member since 2008. She is Director of Transplant Immunology Research Program at the PTG. Her research aims to develop a translational research model in organ transplantation which may connect immunological, histological, molecular and clinical knowledge. She has focused on the clinical relevance of HLA system and mechanistic pathways leading to allograft rejection.

WP4 Objectives

Fibrosis, a common feature associated with chronic tissue inflammation, intrudes into a wide range of distinct solid organ transplants; this presents a unique opportunity to decipher the interaction between inflammation and fibrotic disease in different organs. In this WP, we will link inflammation and allograft fibrosis in heart, lung, kidney, and liver transplant patients, relying on a multidisciplinary and translational approach that involves precise phenotyping of the organ lesion, including analysis of omics and histopathology data, dissection of immunological mechanisms, use of novel data mining and computational methods, and transfer of findings to patient management.

WP4 Participants


    Kidney Transplantation/ Urology Department - APHP Saint Louis Hospital

  • Pr Francois DURAND

    Liver Transplant Department - APHP Beaujon Hospital

  • Pr Alexandre LOUPY & MSc Blaise ROBIN

    Paris Transplant Group - INSERM

  • Pr Hervé MAL & Pr Jonathan MESSIKA

    Lung Transplant Department - APHP Bichat Hospital

  • Dr Nuala MOONEY

    INSERM UMR-S976 Team : Endothelium, Inflammation & Alloreactivity - University of Paris

  • Pr Patrick NATAF/Dr Richard DORENT

    Heart Transplant Department - APHP Bichat Hospital

  • Dr Loredana SAVEANU & Dr Pierre GUERMONPREZ

    INSERM U1149 Centre de Recherche sur l'Inflammation & LabEx INFLAMMEX : Team Antigen Presentation by Dendritic Cells and T cells - University of Paris

  • Pr Olivier SOUBRANE

    Department of Liver and Pancreatic Surgery - APHP Beaujon Hospital

  • Pr Jean-Luc TAUPIN

    Jean Dausset Regional Histocompatibility Laboratory (LRH) - APHP Saint Louis Hospital

Main achievements

T-bet+CD27+CD21- B cells poised for plasma cell differentiation during antibody-mediated rejection of kidney transplants. Louis K, Bailly E, Macedo C, et al. JCI. 2021.

The emerging field of non-human leukocyte antigen antibodies in transplant medicine and beyond. Lefaucheur C, Louis K, Philippe A, Loupy A, Coates PT. Kidney Int. 2021.

Dynamic prediction of renal survival among deeply phenotyped kidney transplant recipients using artificial intelligence: an observational, international, multicohort study. Raynaud M, Aubert O, Divard G, et al. Lancet Digit Health. 2021.

COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide organ transplantation: a population-based study. Aubert O, Yoo D, Zielinski D, et al. Lancet Public Health. 2021