Pr. François ROUZET

The WP2 Coordinator

François Rouzet is the Head of the Nuclear Medicine Department at Bichat Hospital AP-HP, Head of the preclinical imaging platform and Professor of Nuclear Medicine and Biophysics at Paris University. His research activities range from preclinical development of imaging agents, cardiovascular hybrid PET/MR, to clinical nuclear imaging. He authored >100 peer-reviewed articles mainly in the domains of myocardial perfusion, cardiac amyloidosis and infective endocarditis.


The WP2 Coordinator

Dr Anne Couvelard (MD, PhD), Professor of Pathology at Université de Paris, is the Head of the Pathology Department, Hôpital Bichat. Translational research projects are developed in the Department, based on biobanking of tissue samples associated with clinical data (biopsy and surgical specimen, both FFPE and frozen material, including a unique national cohort on lung cancers developed on fibrosis), and on the development of tools to localize in situ and quantify molecular markers. These projects are especially oriented on tissular mechanisms of inflammation and fibrosis, including the mechanisms of reject and the link between fibrosis and cancer, and are developed by academic teacher and researcher specialized in transversal transplantation (heart, kidney, lung), renal and lung pathology (fibrosis and cancer).

WP2 Objectives

The WP aims at developing novel composite PET-biomechanics imaging markers for the non- invasive characterization of inflammation and fibrosis in cardiac, renal, and lung tissue.

Current non-invasive approaches for staging inflammation and fibrosis (I&F) are insufficient. Correct classification would allow for personalized patient stratification improving significantly treatment due to early detection and consequently patient health at reduced healthcare costs.

WP2 Participants

  • Pr Philippe BERTHEAU

    Histopathology department - APHP Saint Louis Hospital

  • Pr Antoine KHALIL

    Radiology department - APHP Bichat Hospital

  • Pr Alexandre LOUPY & MSc Blaise ROBIN

    Paris Transplant Group - INSERM

  • Dr Aurélie SANNIER

    Pathological anatomy and cytology - APHP Bichat Hospital

  • Pr Ralph SINKUS

    Nuclear Medicine Department - APHP Bichat Hospital

Main achievements

  • A CD31-Derived Peptide Prevents the Development of Antibody-Mediated Lesions in a Rat Model of Aortic Allograft. Sannier, A., Stroumza, N., Atlan, M., Even, G., Guedj, K., Sénémaud, J., Coscas, R., Caligiuri, G., & Nicoletti, A. Transplantation proceedings 2022.

  • Bariatric surgery induces a new gastric mucosa phenotype with increased functional glucagon-like peptide-1 expressing cells. Ribeiro-Parenti L, Jarry AC, Cavin JB, Willemetz A, Le Beyec J, Sannier A, Benadda S, Pelletier AL, Hourseau M, Léger T, Morlet B, Couvelard A, Anini Y, Msika S, Marmuse JP, Ledoux S, Le Gall M, Bado A. Nat Commun. 2021.

  • Risk stratification and screening for coronary artery disease in asymptomatic patients with diabetes mellitus: Position paper of the French Society of Cardiology and the French-speaking Society of Diabetology. Valensi P, Henry P, Boccara F, Cosson E, Prevost G, Emmerich J, Ernande L, Marcadet D, Mousseaux E, Rouzet F, Sultan A, Ferrières J, Vergès B, Van Belle E. Diabetes Metab. 2021

  • Thymic function is a major determinant of onset of antibody-mediated rejection in heart transplantation. Sannier A, Stroumza N, Caligiuri G, Le Borgne-Moynier M, Andreata F, Senemaud J, Louedec L, Even G, Gaston AT, Deschildre C, Couvelard A, Ou P, Cheynier R, Nataf P, Dorent R, Nicoletti A. Am J Transplant. 2018 Apr;18(4):964-971.