The WP1 Coordinator

Bruno Crestani is Professor of Pneumology at the Université de Paris Cité, head of the Reference center for rare pulmonary diseases in Bichat hospital in Paris, and the director of the Inserm research group "Inflammation and pulmonary fibrosis" (UMR 1152, Université Paris Cité). His research interests are focused on the pathophysiology of fibrotic lung disorders with the aim to identify new therapeutic targets , with a particular interest in the genetics of pulmonary fibrosis. He received the ILD-Gold Medal award from the ERS in 2018.

WP1 Objectives

Extracellular matrix remodeling, and ultimately the development of fibrosis, is a key determinant of many chronic diseases in the lung (both parenchymal and airway), kidney, heart, and arteries.

We will take advantage of cellular and molecular studies, and available animal models to identify common or specific mechanisms associated with fibrosis progression. These projects will utilize the bio-banks already available and the genetically modified animals available at the site. In each aspect evaluated, specific therapies targeting one or more pathways will be evaluated in the available experimental models and, if successful, in patients; either using already available molecules or through collaboration with pharmaceutical companies.

WP1 Participants

  • Dr Marie-Christine BOUTON & Pr Nathalie KUBIS

    INSERM U1148 Laboratory for Vascular Translational Science : Team 6 "Hemostasis, Thrombo-inflammation and Neurovascular Repair" - University of Paris

  • Dr Giuseppina CALIGIURI & Pr Antonino NICOLETTI

    INSERM U1148 Laboratory for Vascular Translational Science : Team 1 "Cardiovascular Immunobiology" - University of Paris

  • Dr Nicolas CHARLES & Dr Ulrich BLANK

    INSERM U1149 Inflammation Research Center & LabEx INFLAMEX : Team "Basophils, Mast cells & Immunopathology" - University of Paris

  • Dr Nuala MOONEY

    INSERM UMR-S976 Team : Endothelium, Inflammation & Alloreactivity - University of Paris

  • Dr Loredana SAVEANU & Dr Pierre GUERMONPREZ

    INSERM U1149 Inflammation Research Center & LabEx INFLAMMEX : Team Antigen Presentation by Dendritic Cells and T cells - University of Paris

Main achievements

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